How to make
small business website design
work for you

Small business website design works best when it is simple and easily directs the viewer to take action after viewing the information or selling message.

Many small businesses often get led astray, winding up with excessive "over the top" websites, spending far too much money on needless "bells and whistles".

You'll find people want information about what you have to offer. Not the fancy animations, introductions or landing pages that used to be the "in" thing to do.

While it is very tempting to imitate the online site pages of big businesses, you'll have better results with something basic that gets the job done.

Visitors want help finding something out and/or taking some sort of action.

And simple creative design speeds their journey of clicks. Make sure your small business website designs help them find what they want.

Strive to make your website page easy to use and reflect the way you serve your market and customers / clients.

Stick to the essentials.

The simpler, the faster, the better.

They are seeking information so give it to them quickly. Your initial chance to attract only lasts a few seconds.

Strive for a specific response: make them want to call you, want to visit you or take a specific action.

Physically creating your site is getting easier and easier these days. You don't even have to know html programming.

There are a number of web services where building simple, informative pages for a small business website design is a fairly easy operation. It's like making an electronic on-line brochure and you can do it yourself.

(It's very possible that your own interests are best served by engaging the services of a professional like us who can bring an outside, independent perspective.)

But just like creating an ad, the hard part for most small business owners is in the thinking, the analysis and the final presentation.

Your web page should be a part of your marketing mix. Depending on your market, you'll probably need at least some publication advertising, yellow pages, direct mail, and other tools working together with your website to generate phone calls or store visits.

Make sure you've examined your basic marketing strategy to figure out where your website fits into your business advertising.

You and your website should to be listed in free online directories, including Google, Google Places, Yahoo, Bing and LinkedIn. Furthermore, you should be listed in as many off line directories as you can.

The bottom line: Each visitor wants to know directly and quickly what you can do for them. Use their viewpoint when designing your website.

Having a site that pays off in visitors and added profits is your reward.

For more informed guidance, please feel free to contact us.

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