How small business marketing is
different than the "big boys"

No doubt about it. Small business marketing and advertising is quite different from the "big boys". (Note: There are lots of tips below, so keep reading...)

It's still hard work, but since you have direct "in person" access to your customers, you can find out easily what motivates them and take quick reactive action.

This is always an ongoing challenge and a moving target.

While you may not have the big budgets of the mega-business, much of what they do is probably well beyond where you need to be right now.

Instead, you need to make sure you are covering the basics.

Productive Small Business Marketing Starts With Strategy

You'll want to check our advertising definition which gives you some pretty good insights. It is also very helpful to examine our marketing definitions that are more inclusive than one might imagine.

As a small business owner, you have your creative mind, judgement and experience to make more nimble decisions and quickly adjust to changing market conditions.

And you have the advantage of being able to find out marketing information directly from your salespeople and customers so you can touch emotions with your ads.

Train yourself to ask questions about what you want to know. There is nothing that beats face-to-face contact. You need to actively determine the source of your potential client's interest.

Once you start thinking about strategy and tactics and then merging that with what makes your business attractive to your customers, you'll find plenty of ways to get on with marketing and advertising your small business.

Be sure to keep a written master list of your strategies and tactics. Studies show that the act of writing helps you to internalize the goals and achieve more.

As part of creating your advertising strategy, you'll want to figure out where you are in the product adaptation process.

Look for results from an ad (or a series of ads) in terms of ROI (return on investment). Each ad should stand on its own using this analysis. Keep records and find out what ad series worked better than another.

You may learn of advertising success stories from anywhere or anyone. Just be very aware of advertising temptations.

One of the first things you'll want to do is get started on your business card advertising.

Here are some other quick points about small business marketing:

Don't make advertising media choices based on low price alone. Paying more for an ad to run in an expensive publication that generates real leads for you is better ROI than paying less in a competing publication for an ad that produces no leads at all.

On the internet or in traditional media, advertising works best when it delivers live leads. Strive to make yours deliver those customers.

The internet is playing a larger and larger role in sales for small businesses with physical locations.

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