How to choose
promotional product advertising
that will get you
memorable impressions

Yes! Promotional product advertising is one of the most popular methods of business promotion because everyone loves free stuff!

Choosing the exact merchandise, imprinted with your name and contact information, is important since it serves as a memory jogger for both current and potential new customers.

With promotional product advertising for small business, the budget often starts out quite low with giveaways such as pens.

Ask yourself how many pens can you buy for the same price as a newspaper ad? Compare how many people you can reach. Each tactic works in very different ways to attract attention.

Choosing a promotion item

Because of the excitement of choosing a premium item, it is easy to get sidetracked by selecting something off the target of your marketing goals.

Most often, the business owner gets something they personally like — without much thought as to how the customer will use the item or how it fits in with the overall promotion and advertising strategy.

Here is a process to follow in making your selection.

Think of your business — what it does and the process of how it serves people.

Try to find an item that will remind people of the function your business serves.

What item will they use actively over and over, and see again and again?

(Example: an imprinted coffee mug for a deli.) Not very imaginative, but it is simple and you get the idea fast. The item should blend in with your other advertising promotions.

TIP: Work with a professional! These days, with minimum orders and more expensive merchandise, you may be better off working with an experienced professional.

They know what items sell and can help you select an unusual one, usually without added charges for their services.

If you want to make your own deals (and possibly encounter unseen stumbling blocks), you can always go on the internet.

But in today's promotional product industry with multiple choices, prices and suppliers, your time and money is best spent with someone who knows the turf, especially if it's your first time.

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