Postcards are quick and simple
and have high impact!

Using postcards is a simple way to connect with customers and build relationships on many levels. Even send people to your web site!

This is a communications medium that calls for attention and action!

Post cards do not take very long to read.
So the message must be simple.

It can announce a sale.

Or be a reminder that a customer's purchase is ready.

Or announce a new product.

Or be used in a series to promote curiosity about an upcoming event.

The post card is a welcome relief to the reader in today's crowded environment of multiple messages all begging for attention.

Postcards are simple. One piece of paper.
Two sides. Short messages.

The post card can be read and acted on quickly.

For example, night clubs catering to the 20's and 30's party crowd use post cards all the time.

They mail them out to patrons on their in-house mailing lists.

They put them on windshields of parked cars in the nightclub neighborhoods.

And they use them as take-aways as a reminder of where their patrons were!

That's great multiple uses of just one printed piece!

Co-op format for postcards

When applied in the co-op format, many different postcard messages from various businesses can be combined into one mailing envelope. (Valpak is an example.) They promote a variety of businesses and services.

The wording on both sides must be action-oriented so that when  the reader opens the envelope it becomes easy to "skim and scan" to select from the various offers.

Consider the variety of postcard uses

There are lots of ways to advertise using postcards.

Here are 8 tips about how to make your own post card advertising

You'll want to keep track of your results.

And learn more about how to promote using the Every Door Direct Mail service.

With today's printing capabilities, beautiful glossy full color art work is possible on both sides of the finished piece. The quality is incredibly great!

For most small businesses, postcard advertising should be considered as an essential part of the marketing mix. This avenue is worth looking at for those seeking to cut direct mail advertising costs but adding to the impact.

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