Insider tips about
postcard marketing!

Now that you've decided to use postcard marketing, you might want to use these inside tips on how to use your new business tool and maximize productivity.

Before you begin creative writing and design, you'll want to set some goals for your postcard mailing. A simple objective would be to let your current customers know about an upcoming sale or special event. But that's not enough.

You must build a way to measure your results into your postcard marketing effort. "Bring in this postcard to get…" is one way. Another is to have them "mention I got the postcard so I can get…" Or use the postcard to drive them a specific landing page on your web site so they can learn more about your current offer.

Whatever method you choose, measurement is often not as precise as you might like. But it's still better than not doing it at all.

Compare results from postcard marketing

Comparisons can be made from year-to-year and from event-to-event. In our experience, it really boils down to how much effort you want to make in determining your response rate.

Some measure their success by gross sales and leave it at that. Yet they miss a golden opportunity to improve.

Test your postcard marketings

In real estate, it's "location location, location". In direct marketing, it's "test, test, test" for each postcard mailing. The best scientific way is to alter only one segment of the card, such as the headline.

You'll get better results (about twice the amount) by simply mailing the same exact postcard two times, perhaps a week apart.

Or try mailing the exact same postcard, but with two different headlines.

By using your own "in-house" list a few times, you should have a pretty good idea of your response rate.

Perhaps you are ready to purchase some mailing lists. Make double-sure they have been sorted to reflect demographics or psychographics that are similar to those of your present customers.

You probably won't get results as high as your own customer list, but it is very possible the conversion rate may still be profitable for this direct marketing postcard promotion.

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