How to get creative when looking  for your newspaper advertising idea

Getting creative when looking for your newspaper advertising idea is essential if you want yours to stand out and get the readers curious about your small business.

Newspapers run ads from national companies (and their astute, finely-tuned national ad agencies) alongside of those from local companies.

Local small businesses usually have the newspaper do their graphics. And since the same staff is using the same basic typefaces and ad layout styles, readers can detect the subtle sameness.

Our local regional newspaper is a perfect case in point. Perhaps as many as five or six same sized local ads tend to get stacked on one top of another.

And it is very hard for the reader to tell where one ad stops and another starts. The ads actually blend into each other.

So the big concept here is to make sure somehow that your ad is unusual enough to stand out visually, be it size or arresting graphics.

You have to learn to see the difference since it is your money that pays for the ad every time it runs. That investment money must bring in enough new business to pay for the ad. There are various ways to do that.

First, you need to look at a few issues of the newspaper and determine what are the lackluster ads. Those are the ones that do not stand out and blend in with the others when you the reader scan the page.

Then create yours to stand out from the others with a different size, a different format, and a different look. Use whatever will get your readers to mention the ad to you.

Perhaps the publication can do it "in house" if you prod them enough. Or you may need to tap into the resources of a local ad agency or designer.

Of course, this assumes you are already following the accepted guidelines to good direct response advertising with your headline, offer and response mechanism.

So make your ad pay off big time by thinking and acting creatively when refining your newspaper advertising idea.

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