Marketing and advertising
small business
...the basic essential steps

When you are considering the marketing and advertising small business aspects, it pays to think in terms of basic elements.

The smart way to work is to actually set aside a couple of uninterrupted hours and do some analysis and planning.

This technique is advised to develop your strategic marketing plan. Take this time to blend your personal preferences and experiences into the bigger picture.

First, you need to determine your approximate budget as a benchmark. You can do it based on last year's sales figures, or you can start from scratch with "zero based budgeting," adding specific advertising and marketing costs.

Second, you'll need to determine your sales goals that will lead to strategic planning. From there, you can choose the tactics you want to use to reach this goal.

Every business owner thinks their business is different from others.

Yet in the final analysis, all businesses are similar because (1) they must have customers to exist and (2) sell goods, services or a combination of both.

The differences between individual businesses surface when (1) determining the strategy and then (2) finding the tactics that match the customer buying process.

The overall strategic goal is to provide value through the eyes of each individual customer.

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