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Welcome to our community about practical advertising for small businesses. You will find this site can be a valuable information source for advertising and marketing – online and off-line.

Quickly attract new customers with "how to" tips, ideas, tactics and strategies in more than 40 marketing and advertising articles exclusively about small businesses. 

Choose these stories to help your small business do even better. Remember, there are many businesses doing very well, even now.

After all, practical advertising for small businesses is designed to reach, maintain, and satisfy each new customer for increased sales and improved Return On Investment (ROI).

Note: Think about applying the advertising concepts on this site so your business can take adapt to the new on-line digital era.

Hi, I'm Jon Sinish, advertising and marketing agency owner, who knows about "getting the word out" for small businesses.

I've helped improve results from their advertising and marketing projects for many years.

Practical advertising for small businesses can be as simple as as doing just a few basic advertising and marketing activities that work for you.

While there is no single right way of doing successful marketing and advertising for small businesses, the trick is finding the right mixture, much like a culinary recipe.

Use the right ingredients for you and follow the steps. One can find recipes for small business growth by doing a simple internet search.

And then adapt them to your individual situation, concentrating on putting the most productive methods to work first.

Here's the difference between marketing and selling in practical advertising for small businesses.

It may help to look at the difference between marketing and advertising this way: marketing is "sharing" what you do and selling is clearly "inviting" the potential customer to participate with a call to take action.

My experience shows that successful and profitable practical advertising for small businesses like yours is a combination of using just a few marketing and advertising techniques well, both on and off the web.

In the Covid-19 era, digital marketing - and your website on the internet - are the two major ways to educate both new and current customers about how your business can help them.

Tips to build your small business website.

First, you should build at least a simple website — that you own — to serve as an "anchor point electronic brochure" which is always there 24/7 to guide potential clients to your unique product or service.

Note: When you own the site, you have total ownership of your content, and are not a part of something else.

A website that shows the basics of your small business can reach far more people than your business card alone!

Note: Make sure you have your website set up and operating smoothly before you make any posts on social media so that you can refer and link to your site properly.

That's because each print reference and internet post should attract readers and lead directly to your website. Then they will become aware of the specific value you can give them when they decide to call or email you.

Many small businesses have created and adhere to a strategic marketing plan based on their customer research.

Long-time advertisers who have seen it all will tell you there is no single "silver bullet". As we said before, it’s as simple as as doing just a few basic advertising and marketing activities that work for you.

Take these three paths as you seek to discover and implement your best mix of advertising and marketing options.

1. Go to the Site Map to discover stories about pratical advertising for small businesses and a specific topics list. Readers like you have discovered "lots of great information here." Find your area of interest by clicking on the index box above.

2. Download my Free Checklist "11 Steps to Focus Your Advertising so you can Make More Profit". It's a basic guide to help discover productive advertising paths for your small business.

It's free and shows step-by-step advice that takes the mystery out of buying your advertising space and media time.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will surely save thousands of dollars on media costs this year alone!

3. Just ask "What's Next" and get advice or clarification of any topic on this site! Simply click on our Contact Us page.

Inquiries by small business people like you from the United States, Canada, Germany, Indonesia and Africa have already received my personal attention.

This site is here to help you find productive on-line and off-line marketing and advertising methods, so please fully explore it.

Thanks for visiting!

Jon Sinish


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