How You Can Get Quick and Free
Help Desk Answers
For Your Advertising Problems

Need a "help desk" advertising expert to answer your advertising or marketing question personally?

That would be me, Jon Sinish

Small business owners like this service because it cuts to the heart of their problem and gives them practical solutions they can put to work quickly.

We are here to help you.

But First, Three Fast Examples ...

1. A wedding photographer needed expert guidance in finishing up her ad for photographic services in a newspaper Bridal supplement. She was working directly with the publication, panicked when she saw the first proof and called me for advice on how to rescue the ad.

2. For a client who wasn't getting any results from an ad he placed on the web site of the regional newspaper, I was able to figure out several things that were going wrong and worked with the web editors to implement the solutions.

3. Another client said, "You nailed the problem in the first ten minutes and gave us ways to fix it in the next 20 minutes. That got my salesman and me going in the right direction again."

Each of these people had frustrating problems (even some they didn't know about) and needed fast, specific solutions.

Now, Get Help Below ...

With over 30 years experience and contacts in the advertising business, either I know the answer or know where to find it.

Best of all, it doesn't cost you anything to ask your question and get a simple answer by email.

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Thank You, Jon

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