Should you work with
a direct marketing consultant?

or a direct response agency?

Most likely you're going to need some outside help from a direct marketing consultant or direct response agency at some point in growing your business.

Quite simply, there are lots of little details that someone in the business knows and you might not be aware of. There's nothing like an expert with years of training to come to your rescue.

If your ultimate goal is to make money, there comes a time when it is actually more profitable to you in the long run to spend money on a qualified professional who "knows the ropes".

The next step is to know the difference between a direct marketing consultant and a direct response agency. Which one to hire depends on the job you need to get done.

If you are looking to hand off your project to a team, you may be better off with a direct response agency. They are specialists in handling the entire project, from soup to nuts.

On the other hand, a direct marketing specialist can prove to be a valuable addition to your company's marketing. This person can give you informed guidance. They can serve as a group leader or can assemble their own outside ad hoc team to meet your exact needs.

These days, most marketing communication professionals are flexible in the range of services they can provide.

For either type of consultant or agency, expect professionalism and higher fees that may surprise you at first.

Remember, this is a carefully considered business investment, just as you might buy a new machine or hire a new employee.

Be sure to get a precise estimate as to what is included. No one can predict a response rate, but they may be able to give you a broad range of what to expect.

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