How to use your
direct mail advertising post card
to promote your business

Using a direct mail advertising post card can be one of the most productive methods to build your business.

And there are so many ways to use this marketing tool, your success is pretty much guaranteed.

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Mailed post cards give your message a real chance to get read!

Here in the USA, you can now send mail to EVERY address on the postman's carrier route with Every Door Direct Mail® service from the U.S. Postal Service®. This means that any small business can saturate the local area, a great use of direct mail advertising post card.

Everyone gets mail, virtually insuring deliverability of your advertising message.

Not everyone is a newspaper subscriber, or is on the internet with it's e-mail delivery problems and SPAM blockers. Radio and cable television offers specialized audiences. But everyone gets mail.

Certainly, post cards are a quick read, making them an excellent way to generate leads and phone calls. Once your potential customers have "raised their hand", your in-person dialogue with them can begin.

The other piece of big news is that almost size or shape item can be mailed via USPS, the United States Postal Service. We've received a large color postcard printed on wood and another made out of Foamcore® with white ink on a metallic finish.

Impact? You bet! These days, is seems almost anything is possible including odd shapes, printing on clear plastic and much more.

While these attention getting techniques are important in direct mail advertising post cards, the biggest factor in building response is always your mailing list.

And the best list is always your own customer list if you have one.

When you mail your post card by itself, it's called a solo mailing. You can use a mailing house to affix your mailing labels and do the mail drop. If you are mailing enough post cards, you will qualify for bulk mailing rates.

If your business is in a special interest area, there may be a card deck mailing available. Your post card is one of many (20 to 80 or so) that come in a sealed clear plastic envelope.

Your post card can even be used as an insert into your local newspaper. Or you may choose to participate in one of the coupon mailings to your area.

Setting your goals and recording your results are among the most important parts of using a direct mail advertising post card to promote your business.

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