How to use
business to business advertising
to pay you big rewards

Using a business to business advertising approach to sell your product or service can result in additional sales.

That’s because in our experience many businesses have both a "retail customer" side and a "commercial" side.

So while the main focus of your business might appeal to the consumer market, you might want to broaden your viewpoint and think about which types of business enterprises can use your products or services.

This expanded thinking can result in more profits to you without much further investment since your business is already in existance.

As you already know, there is a whole special field of advertising devoted to the B-to-B advertising marketplace. (B-2-B vs. B-2-C)

Advertising to the needs of business people is slightly different than those of consumers. Yet there are so many similarities because business buyers are people too!

Today’s business marketing gurus will tell you that, just like consumers, businesspeople want their problems solved and their professional lives made easier.

The difference is that their problems are often stated in different ways. And each business has it's own language and buzz words that you’ll need to recognize and apply to your sales efforts.

Historically the "commercial" part often developed after a retail customer asked for special rates or some other factor.

Because savvy business owners recognize the different needs of retail and commercial, they are able to handle the special job requirements and serve the business to business market as well.

If you can see these differences and are curious about how to gain a "dual personality" for your business, you may want to add a business to business advertising component to your enterprise.

We have considerable experience in this area. And we'd be happy to help you explore the business to business sector as an additional market to your offerings.

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