Why to select your
business advertising item
so it makes the best impact

The impact of good business advertising item is determined by several factors. Anything that can be imprinted with your logo, contact info and your advertising message qualifies as a promotional product. People love them!

And sure, it has to be memorable, unique and inexpensive.

Since virtually anything can be imprinted these days, choosing the item for business advertising becomes an "elimination derby" of sorts.

The big challenge you have is figuring out how the item will be used by the recipient and how can it be used to associate with your product or service.

What kind of action will people take when they are in possession of the business advertising item?

Most business advertising products are used primarily to create "brand imaging" impressions , not solely to get customers to call. (How many times have you seen a brand name by itself without a "call to action"?)

So if you want to have both, you must try to think like the recipient would when they are considering a purchase in your product category. Of course, whatever you select should have a direct relevance to your business.

A fabric store uses yardsticks imprinted with their logo and sales information. (Think measuring!) A pizza restaurant encloses coupons good on future orders with each delivery. (Think eating!)

Often there is a fine line if the item, an imprinted paper clip holder for example, is on a business desk where it is used every day. The item becomes part of the familiar background scenery, seeing it becomes a habit and the original intent may or may not be remembered.

On the other hand, the item could be a coffee mug, handled and filled several times each day. You want your customer to say, "This is my favorite mug," and to make the link between their favorite mug and having you, as the mug's sponsor, their favorite supplier.

To make your business advertising item really work for you, think and choose VERY carefully.You might want to ask two or three of your typical clients.

If you need more help in this area, please ask me by using our contact page.

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