How could billboard advertising
fit into your marketing plan?

Billboard advertising is everywhere. Even those digital ones that are so common today. It's a part of any traveler's "scenic" view. As a small businessperson, you might wonder how to harness this ubiquitous medium.

Your billboard advertising is best used to reinforce other forms of advertising.

The billboard's main function is to heighten the awareness of the product or service being featured.

It’s the first part of the AIDA formula:
(get reader's Attention, whet their Interest, fan the flames of their Desire and get them to Act.)

Further, getting the viewer's attention is important because it reinforces the brand name in the observer's mind. This happens each time the driver (and their passengers) passes by and reads the billboard.

Today's digital billboards attract lots of attention with their fast movement and quick changing messages.

Essentials you must have.

Make sure your billboard has 1. a Call to Action, 2. a memorable phone number or web address, 3. colors that match your business graphics, and 4. an easily recognizable graphic.

The viewer's complete reading may not take place each and every time the billboard is passed. But surveys show the repeated exposure does sink in. And with multiple locations all over the area, the effect is multiplied exponentially.

The outdoor advertising industry has three main opportunities to place your ads:
on existing billboards (as noted above)
on transportation (inside and outside of buses, trains, subways)
on independent structures (bus shelters, information panels)

There are even portable billboard displays on trailers that can be parked outside of trade show events, sporting events, or in shopping mall parking lots.

Creatively, you have to remember the average person has about one second of time to see and read your message. So it has to be absolutely legible and have ONE QUICK message.

Billboard advertising can be an effective way to raise awareness for your business. It is most productive when used in combination with other media, such as websites, yellow pages, newspapers, the internet and other media strategies.

You'll have to contact your local outdoor advertising company for rates and opportunities specific to your area.

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