Are You Advertising Yourself
To Your Friends?

You should be advertising yourself to friends and family since many of your personal contacts may not know exactly what you do to make your money.

Recognize that you need to educate your friends and acquaintances about your small business.

Then they can become some of your best sources of new clients and promote you to others as well.

Since everyone likes to do business with friends,
it is important you help them to know what you do

This is "easy to do" business and personal networking when you can tell your friends who know and care about you.

These are the people you interact with on a daily basis.

Let them know how you have provided value to others by providing them with solutions for their problems and challenges.

It should be easy to furnish your friends with stories, "for instances" and easy-to-understand examples of your work for them to tell their own friends and acquaintances.

Advertise yourself the easy way.

You should have rehearsed one or two "elevator" speeches of 10 or 30 seconds explaining what you do and the value you give to others.

It might be a good idea to develop another version to use with your friends and relations.

When you tell others what you do, use your own personal style of story-telling. Take advantage of impromptu situations, and be sure to use your judgement about when to insert your message into the conversation.

Make it easy for people to talk about you with others in their own circles of friends and acquaintances. This how to use the multiplier effect: friends tell friends... who tell friends, etc. Word of mouth advertising is a form of viral marketing.

In the never-ending quest for new customers and clients for your small business, why not take advantage of those personal opportunities that happen right in front of you every day? Try advertising yourself!

And be sure take the opportunity to learn about your friends' businesses, too. Promoting yourself does work both ways!

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