Advertising promotion has
many applications

Advertising promotion is broad-based term that can mean many things to marketing professionals.

Basically, it refers to advertising and marketing activities other than traditional media advertising and direct mail. Ad promotion can describe a special event, imprinted products, and more.

One of the first in-person promotions you'll perform is your business card advertising.

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Promotional tactics can vary from the mundane to the very creative.

Examples: a cookout at a retail location, restaurant placemats, door-to-door distribution of restaurant menus, a live "on-location" radio broadcast, a walk-a-thon, billboards, sponsoring an athletic or cultural event, t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, pencils, etc. The list goes on and on.

Promotions can be a "special" event intended to earn good will for both the event and the sponsors. Both free and paid admission events attract both the curious as well as the die-hard customers.

Part of the event often involves multiple merchandise giveaways. Selecting the promotional item is a specialty in itself.

When it includes merchandise, you've seen how people just love this stuff. Experience has taught them to look for and take most anything they think will be of use or strikes their fancy!

This type of advertising is a whole new world of creative opportunities waiting for your ideas!

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