Tips to find your
advertising business small strategy

In order to find the advertising business small strategy for your operation, you need to consider three essential components.

Do you have a viable product or group of products?

Are you promoting those products to the right market?

Have you come up with a selling message that will result in sales?

Let's consider these three questions.

First, you really do need to have a product or service that already has a market. That means other people are already buying similar products to yours.

And it proves that there are actually potential customers out there. You won't have to be a pioneer in everything you do. You won't be the first person on the block.

Second, you'll need to look at similar businesses to see who their customers are and what behaviors they exhibit in the buying process.

There are lots of different ways to analyze whom is buying: geographic, lifestyle preferences, age, income, hobbies, etc. The list goes on forever.

Look for the big indicators. They'll be plenty of time for you to fill in the small details later.

Third, you'll need to come up with a sales message specifically targeted to each appropriate sub-market.

This is where the old advertising formula of AIDA (get their Attention, whet their Interest, fan the flames of their Desire and get them to Act) comes in.

You can have different sales messages for each different market and each stage of the buying process – all for the same product or service.

After that, you'll have to figure out what would be the best method to communicate your messages and when would be the best time.

We've found that almost every business has specific "peak demand" times and cycles. Look at the advertising frequencies of garden centers as a simple example.

Once you've determined your advertising business small strategy, it's time to move onto the various tactics (see the major topics areas in the box to the upper left) of actually getting your advertising in place and producing results.

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