About Jon Sinish

About Jon Sinish "Specialist in Advertising for Small Businesses"

About Jon Sinish, specialist in advertising for small businesses”

Clients have gotten results over the last few decades from my integrated writing, photography, creative logos and design, production, consulting, direct marketing, web site direction, research and an extensive arsenal of resources.

Each busy small business owner/entrepreneur positioned their businesses in a unique way to gain market recognition.

Jon Sinish Sees
Small Businesses As The "Underdog"

It was easy for me to sense the "underdog" orientation of these small business owners who wanted to get into the "big leagues" but who didn't have nearly enough funds or marketing expertise.

Yet after careful analysis by both the client and myself, we figured results from going deeper would have been minor and not worth the higher fee.

So we stayed with the basic work we were doing.

I have been trained to observe and master situations quickly.

My first job after college was as a newspaper photographer/reporter, graduating from Boston University (journalism with a major in photojournalism).

The transition from a 12-year news photographer stint into creating my own advertising agency was a pretty natural “next level” process.

Being able to share my knowledge with you on this website is a small way to “pay it forward” – as those who’ve helped me along the way would expect.

Now, if you'd like a prompt and personal answer to your small business advertising question, I'll do my best to give you an honest, informed answer.

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I'm on your side,

Jon Sinish

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