Here's some plain talk about AT&T
and SBC yellow pages advertising

Certainly SBC yellow pages advertising one of the dominant forces in its category throughout 12 states and beyond.

Do an internet search and you will find the AT&T or SBC Yellow Pages web site on top. Their marketing reasons are well presented and thought out.

Yet as a small businessperson, you may encounter some problems and objections while considering why to even use SBC yellow pages advertising.

Of course, you should have some minimal in-column listing as part of your marketing.

Tip: Your information here most probably will be used as source data on the internet.

Consider these tips when planning your yellow pages advertising:

For instance, the geographical boundaries of their directories may not match the physical range of your business. Your town or trading area may be served by two directories.

Or your clients are businesses in your portion of the state, but not statewide. Buying a statewide directory ad doesn't make economic sense. But an internet listing makes perfect sense today particularly if you have an unusual or hard-to-find service or product.

Geographical borders have to be set somewhere, and when directories don't match those of your business, it is still best to at least be in the directory in some form.

AT&T and SBC yellow pages advertising directories are the authority figure in the business areas they serve. As is Verizon or any other major regional phone company directory.

And yes, you do need to be listed in other on-line and physical local directories as well.

Different people search in different ways. One never can tell who is searching. For instance, older people tend to use printed directories, younger people use Google or other internet search tools. Each has money to spend.

We've had clients inquire as to whether they should be in other competing directories. Depending on their business profile, we advise them to query their customers about which directories or internet searches they use every day.

In some cases, it may be a major alternate directory. Or a more local community sponsored website or book.

Whatever the analysis, consider taking out a slightly bigger ad in that "lead" book or website while maintaining a presence in the others.

But don't even come close to breaking your budget bank! You have other places to spend your advertising budget!

Explore internet "local search" listings such as Google, Google Places and others. Another possibility is local billboard advertising.

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