How To Create Great Marketing,
Advertising For Small Businesses
Using A Website, Blog and more

Welcome to this site of "how to" resources about practical advertising for small businesses – both on-line and off – designed to help the small business owner discover what could work for you!

I'm Jon Sinish, advertising and marketing specialist
who helps small businesses "get the word out" about themselves.

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So let me ask you right up front. Are you aware of the surprising truth that almost no one talks about? Here's the answer. There is no single way of doing successful advertising for small businesses.

Instead, building productive advertising is the sum of doing a few basic activities well. The trick is finding the right mixture, like a recipe.


Savvy owners know they are really in the business of marketing themselves.
Just ask your friends who run successful businesses!

First, they have to
produce their product or service.

Second, they have to
promote themselves via advertising and marketing
as their other "must do" activity.

This site explores a wide range of actions you can take.

Right now, marketing on the internet is one of the major ways to get customers to come to you.

One of the basic first steps to educate new customers about your business is to build yourself a simple web site that serves as an “electronic brochure”, always there 24/7 to answer questions in detail – before they call you!

I'm Jon Sinish, and for over 30 years my advertising agency has helped all kinds of small businesses get better results from their advertising and marketing.

To recap, experience shows that successful, profitable advertising is a combination of doing a few marketing & advertising projects well, both on and off the internet. Long-time advertisers will tell you there is no single "silver bullet".

Here are three ways to use this site as you seek to find your best mix of advertising options.

1. Go to my list of small business advertising stories. Readers like you have discovered "lots of great information here." Find your area of interest by using the index above or the box below.


2. Download my Free Guide HOW TO FOCUS YOUR ADS and Get More Paying Customers --- a basic plan to find productive advertising for small business.

It's a free and shows step-by-step advice that takes the mystery out of buying your advertising space and media time.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will surely save thousands of dollars or more on media costs this year alone!

3. Ask and get free advice or clarification of any topic related to this site! Click on our Contact Us page. Inquiries by small business people like you across the United States and Canada, from Germany, Indonesia and Africa have already received my personal attention. Of course, there is no obligation of any kind.

This site is here to help you find more productive on-line and off-line advertising.

Thanks for visiting!

Jon Sinish

P.S. Please bookmark this site for future reference. And thanks for telling your friends and business colleagues!

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